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Please call 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6) for confirmation.
If your postcode is not serviced, this may be the perfect opportunity for you to own your own exciting successful business in your own area. Please view our "own your own business" section on this website.
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Soxon can only take online orders for hire at Private Homes. To make an enquiry regarding hire at another venue, please make an enquiry here.

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We will contact you to organise suitable power for the event. Power supply is an additional cost.

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Would you like an extension from 5:00pm till 7:00am the following day for $330.00?

Would you like an extension from 8:00pm till 7:00am the following day for $330.00?

Would you like an extension of up to 5 hours prior to 6:30pm for a cost of $140.00?
Would you like an extension of up to 5 hours from 7:00am for a cost of $140.00?

NOTE: We arrive 20 minutes prior to start time to setup and we arrive at end time to begin packup process.

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This price includes your $10 discount for booking online!
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Hire Agreement
Due to there being less than 36 hours before the booking please call 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6) for confirmation after submitting the form.

Soxon™ Jumping Castles
Phone: 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6)
Hire agreement - conditions of hire and use, rules and regulations, and variables
This is a hire agreement made between Soxon™ Jumping Castles, P.O. Box 494, Bayswater W.A. 6933, herein after known as The Owner (Soxon™ Jumping Castles) and party of the second part, herein after known as The Hirer. The Owner does not accept any responsibility for personal injury, damage or death sustained by The Hirers users unless such incident is occasioned through a malfunction of the equipment which has not been occasioned by The Hirer or their users, or any breach of the conditions of use which must be observed and are set out overleaf in this contract.  Although Soxon™ Jumping Castles carries public liability insurance, The Hirer should arrange their own insurance in the case of malicious damage or the equipment being stolen, and public liability cover in the event that any user should be injured or killed through the operating of the device.  The Hirer agrees to observe the conditions of use at all times and any failure to observe these  will be a breach of this hire agreement.  The Hirer agrees to return the equipment in good sound working order and any damage, loss or breakage incurred through the usage by The Hirer or The Hirers users shall be the responsibility of The Hirer to make good by cash payment, the replacement or repair of such breakage, damage or loss, within 7 days of notice. The Hirer is responsible for the full replacement value of the equipment and therefore is to ensure it is returned only to a Soxon™ jumping castles representative. You may verify staff identity or contact our support manager for assistance at any time by phoning 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6). The following conditions of hire, rules and regulations and variables in their entirety form part of this hire agreement.

Conditions of hire

The hire agreement constitutes the full agreement between The Owner and The Hirer. Time is of the essence in this hire agreement. The receipt of the bouncer that is the subject of this hire agreement, is in good working order and repair, and this is so acknowledged by The Hirer.
Delivery to the street address specified in hire details by The Hirer (customer). Hirer grants The Owner right to enter the property at the said address (delivery address) for the delivery and subsequent pick up of the bouncer at the specified time.
All charges in the delivery and subsequent pick up of the bouncer with respect to the delivery address are included in the hire fee noted in hire details. In the event that the bouncer is not returned at the prearranged time by Hirer to The Owner there will automatically be a $100 transportation fee. It is The Hirers obligation to provide for The Owner suitable access to the site for erection and dismantlement, and must provide assistance in the case of any hills, steps or sand. Should this not be the case, The Owner reserves the right to withdraw this hire agreement and The Hirer will forfeit one-third of the total cost of this hire agreement. Should assistance not be provided by The Hirer, there will automatically be a $100 transportation charge.
Rules and regulations
All patrons use this equipment at their own risk.
A responsible adult of 18 years+ with appropriate photo identification showing the delivery address must sign for the delivery and supervise the bouncer at all times. When this person is not supervising the bouncer we recommend that it be turned off until such time as the supervisor has returned or has been replaced.
The Hirer is liable for any damage that occurs to the bouncers whilst in their possession, except what may be classed as normal wear and tear.
If the users are too rough on the bouncer, you will get a big damage bill, so keep it supervised.
The use of this equipment may be detrimental to any previous injuries or medical conditions you may have had. In this case, you must seek medical advice before using this equipment.
You use this equipment at your own risk. This is a dangerous activity if the rules are not followed; please listen to your referee at all times. We recommend you seek medical advice prior to using this equipment due to the sudden jolting movement and motion of your body when using this equipment. Patrons must heed the supervisors instructions at all times to avoid injuries.
Children’s safety depends upon you. Your personal supervision is absolutely required. As The Hirer of the hire equipment, the safety of all users is your responsibility.
The age limit is 11 years and under unless the bouncer is an open-age bouncer. If the bouncer has a slide, only one child at a time is to go down the slide, feet first. There must be adequate supervision of the slide at all times.
There is to be no shoes, food, drinks, hard or sharp objects, watches or jewellery, spectacles, cigarettes, face paint, streamers, coloured hair spray, silly string, gum, candy or pets in or around the bouncer.
The bouncer is not to be unanchored or moved from its original point of erection and the supervisor is to check regularly that the anchors are secure.
Bouncing, pulling or leaning on the doorway or openings is not allowed. Running, jumping or bouncing in or out of the doorway or openings is not allowed. There is to be no climbing on the walls either inside or outside the bouncer.
Caution - the entrance is slippery when wet. Always crawl on and slide off on your bottom. The customer is to ensure that a patron or guest does not slip on a wet surface, as soxontm jumping castles cannot take responsibility for their actions or if they slip on a wet surface.
If gale force winds arise (including willy willy’s or freak winds) or any other unfavourable weather conditions, the bouncer is to be evacuated and turned off immediately, otherwise the bouncer is to remain connected to power supply at all times.

Emergency procedures:

If the bouncer begins to deflate:

  • Evacuate the bouncer within twenty seconds in a safe and calm manner
  • Switch off the power for at least five minutes before switching it back on

For all other emergencies:

  • Evacuate the bouncer within twenty seconds in a safe and calm manner
  • Switch off the power for at least five minutes before switching it back on
  • If there is a fire in the area, follow the local fire procedures for that area
  • If there is a fire involved with the bouncer, use a fire extinguisher
  • If there is severe wind/weather, do not recommence use of the bouncer; leave it switched off
  • Give assistance to patrons
  • If emergency services are needed, call 000
  • If emergency is a false alarm, resume operations after a five minute calming interval
  • If it, in fact, was an emergency, contact soxontm jumping castles on  0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6) immediately

The bouncer’s equipment is reliable and tested. Should the bouncer begin to deflate, firstly, the blower may have stopped, in which case, check the cord connection at the power outlet and on the blower, secondly remember to only use the extension cord provided by The Owner, and thirdly, check both tubes at the back of the bouncer for snugness; re-tie if necessary. If you cannot correct the problem following these instructions, call soxontm jumping castles immediately on
0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6).
Body weight is to be evenly dispersed through out the bouncer. (e.g., grouping in one corner, wrestling, or caving in of the roof is not allowed.)
Body contact can cause serious injuries and is to be avoided at all times. Flips and somersaults are dangerous to all users, and is strictly prohibited.
All children should make their own way into the bouncer. To avoid injuries, parents or other children should not throw or bouncer them in.
For overnight hire:

  • leave the bouncer turned on during the night, unless severe weather is expected.
  • if it is not possible to leave the bouncer turned on during the night, due to it being in the front yard of your property where the public can gain access to it, you will need to switch on the bouncer at least one hour prior to collection time and leave it turned on for The Owner to check that it is clean when he/she arrives.
  • turn off your automatic reticulation.
  • never put water, sprinklers or hoses in the bouncer.
  • make sure that the bouncer is clean when The Owner arrives to collect it, so that he/she does not have to charge a cleaning fee.

If using the bouncer after dark, a light must be shone into the bouncer to avoid injuries and damage to the bouncer.
During periods of severe weather conditions, including winds of over 25km/h or persistent heavy rain, The Owner reserves the right to cancel your hire reserves. If you are experiencing severe weather, you should call soxontm jumping castles immediately on 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6).
In the event that you, The Hirer, wish to cancel due to severe weather, you must call soxontm jumping castles immediately on 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6) at least two hours prior to the prearranged delivery time in order to receive a full refund of your deposit.
If the bouncer is not in the same condition at completion of hire as when delivered, there will automatically be a $100 cleaning fee.
If you pay a one-third deposit, the remaining amount noted in the hire details is due in cash (not cheque or card) before the installation of your bouncer. If the remaining amount is not paid in cash at our arrival the deposit is forfeited and the bouncer will not be installed.
The Hirer acknowledges that he/she has been instructed about and fully understands the safe operation of the bouncer that is the subject of this hire agreement. The Hirer agrees to adhere to all safety precautions.
In the event of any problems, please call Soxon™ Jumping Castles immediately on 0448 769 666 (0448 soxon 6)

Soxon does NOT support any social media.

Soxon does NOT have any presence on any social media platforms.

Soxon will NOT ask you to make a payment of any type until we arrive to deliver.

Due to many scams in Australia Soxon asks only for strictly cash on arrival for delivery.

If you find a representation of our equipment or us on any social media, please refer this fraud to police.

Soxon does NOT send confirmation emails anymore due to the many scams in Australia.

Soxon provides manual fully detailed text message confirmations for online bookings from the Soxon support phone number.

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