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Frequently Asked Question

Soxon does NOT support any social media.

Soxon does NOT have any presence on any social media platforms.

Soxon will NOT ask you to make a payment of any type until we arrive to deliver.

Due to many scams in Australia Soxon asks only for strictly cash on arrival for delivery.

If you find a representation of our equipment or us on any social media, please refer this fraud to police.

Soxon does NOT send confirmation emails anymore due to the many scams in Australia.

Soxon provides manual fully detailed text message confirmations for online bookings from the Soxon support phone number.



Why is the price so good and low?

We do not use 1300 or 1800 telephone numbers and do not have a call centre where we pay high wages for staff to up-sell products you really did not want.
We let you select your bouncy castle and book it online 24 hours a day on this website.
We manufacture and maintain bouncers here in your home state with over 25 years experience in the industry.
We pass all these savings on to you in the form of low prices.

How do I book or reserve a bouncy castle for my party?

We make it all “too easy” for you with this website.
You can save time and effort by booking online with this website.
If there is at least 36 hours until you require your bouncy castle to be installed you can book or reserve online on this website and we will return an email confirmation for your reservation.
If there is less than 36 hours until you require the installation of your bouncer please phone us promptly, on 0448 769 666 (0448soxon6) to make your booking or reservation.

Does Soxon Jumping Castles service my area?

We service, deliver and install bouncy castles in allmost all perth metropolitan suburbs.
Please view our suburbs serviced page on this website. Some suburbs may have a delivery cost and we will contact you to discuss any additional cost before adding it to a booking.

How do I pay?

We accept cash only at our arrival before we install the bouncy castle for any outstanding amounts. (at arival on the day we do not accept cheques or cards)

How does the weather affect my party and the bouncy castle?

We operate in accordance with OSH Regulations (WA) 1996 4.52 and AS3533 - 1997/AS3533.4-2005. All our bouncy castles have built in rain and sun covers. All our bouncy castles are safe to operate in the rain, however they will get slippery. Children will get wet going in and out of the bouncy castle if it is raining. We install your bouncy castle in all-weather except in severe rain, severe lightning, severe thunderstorms & severe winds of more than 45 kms per hour. If the wind forecast during the time of your event is greater than 45 kms per hour we are required to cancel your booking and your payment will be refunded. If severe rain is forecast we are required to cancel your booking and your payment will be refunded. In accordance regulations we are required to have a hazard and safety assessment done on each and every location where a booking is to be located, hence the maximum wind forecast is less than 45 kms per hour we are allowed to operate in at some locations such as, open public space, car parks, on hard surfaces, and others. If weather is severe we will liaise with you by phone to discuss the situation.

Is power needed?

We require access to a normal mains power outlet within 30 meters from site of installation for the entire usage time.
We do not allow use of double adaptors, power boards, or customer cords.

How long does it take to install or dismantle?

The installation or dismantle process takes about 20 minutes each.

What access is needed?

Access to the site of installation needs to be level firm surface of 900mm wide for many bouncy castles,but not all, Please note that a Large combo Castle will require at least 1m wide access with NO hills, sand or steps.
For all the other castle types, If steps, slopes, hills, or sand surfaces are part of the access the customer agrees to give assistance during delivery and especially at the end of the dismantle process at the conclusion of the hire period.

What surfaces can the bouncy castle go on?

Level grass is the best.
We can also put the bouncy castle on level hard surfaces, which may incur an extra cost.
Small slopes or gradual inclines can also be catered for but not hills.
Sand is not a suitable surface for the bouncy castle to go on.

What is your cancellation policy?

Please give us at least 48 hours notice of cancellation to receive full refund. We require the notice of cancellation by all forms possible - Emails, Phone Call, & Text. (Please be sure to text us on 0448 769 666 in order to get a full refund)

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